Purple Bridge: The Only Bridge Connecting Bora and Polygon

Purple Bridge: The Only Bridge Connecting Bora and Polygon

Introducing Our Latest Innovation

The new blockchain bridge service developed by SOOHO.IO has been officially launched, which brings seamless interoperability to Bora and Polygon network.

From now on, users can move assets and leverage the unique features of both networks through our Purple Bridge. This will unlock expanded functionalities and opportunities for users.

General Mechanism

The detailed steps below explain the mechanism of converting the tBORA token to pBORA token on Polygon using Purple Bridge.

  • User Request
    The user requests the Purple Bridge to convert tBORA to pBORA.
  • Lock tBORA on Bora chain
    Upon acceptance of the request, tBORA is locked in a smart contract on Bora.
  • Message transfer
    *C2CC, the omnichain messaging protocol, sends a message about the request to Polygon.
  • Mint pBORA on Polygon chain
    After successful message verification, the user will receive pBORA into the wallet on Polygon through a smart contract. The minted pBORA represents the locked assets from Bora.

Users can follow a similar process in reverse. They can burn the minted pBORA on Polygon, which triggers the release of the tBORA on Bora.

Purple Bridge(https://purplebridge.link)

Decentralized Exchange(DEX) Functionality

Purple Bridge provides users with Mini DEX, enabling them to utilize pBORA tokens in various ways on the Polygon network.

  • Swap
    Users can exchange pBORA and USDC with each other through the mini DEX (Decentralized Exchange) at Purple Bridge.
  • Liquidity Providing
    Users can provide liquidity by depositing pBORA and USDC pairs into the pBORA-USDC pool and earn LP(Liquidity Provider) tokens instead. Users can also return LP tokens and receive rewards for contributing to the liquidity of Mini DEX.

Technical Background

We utilized our omnichain technology, C2CC(https://c2cc.xyz), to enhance the security and availability of Purple Bridge. C2CC enables the transfer of any type of message between different chains and thoroughly verifies its validity.

*C2CC (Chain to Chain Communication)

C2CC connects multiple blockchain networks into one. Ecosystem participants including, but not limited to, users and builders are granted the access to other chains and opportunities to utilize a wider range of decentralized applications and services. Transfer of assets is solely a start point. C2CC provides transfer of any type of messages to any destinations in a secure and seamless way.

Additionally, Purple Bridge has received security audits by top-tier internal security teams at SOOHO.IO.

We look forward to enabling businesses, developers, and users to smoothly and safely interact across Bora and Polygon, and further advancing connected ecosystems through our technology.

👉 Stay tuned for further updates and information about Purple Bridge on Twitter! (https://twitter.com/purplelabs_)

👉 If you would like more detailed information about Purple Bridge, please refer to the User Docs.(https://docs.purplebridge.link)

Purple Bridge
The only bridge between Bora and Polygon, also supporting swap service on polygon.
C2CC | Chain to Chain Communication
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