Tealswap: Unveiling the Next Milestone

The only decentralized exchange(DEX) on Oasys that is technically supported by SOOHO.

Tealswap: Unveiling the Next Milestone
The only decentralized exchange(DEX) on Oasys that is technically supported by SOOHO.

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Hello, Dear enthusiasts of Tealswap and Oasys Network,

We, Teal Labs, have always strived to provide stable services for Tealswap, and moving forward, we aim to play a dedicated role as active participants in the Oasys ecosystem.

Tealswap will embark on its journey with the following key principles:

First, continuously providing meaningful and valuable services to users within the Oasys ecosystem.

Second, constantly pondering to create a DEX service that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Third, allowing users to gain a comprehensive experience of the entire Oasys ecosystem just by accessing Tealswap.


With these thoughts in mind, Tealswap is excited to unveil the following next Milestone for all of you.

Let’s begin by exploring the general outline of this milestone.

Liquidity Pool Creation

Liquidity Pool Creation

When a desired Token pair’s Liquidity Pool doesn’t exist, most DEX services require developers to create a new Liquidity Pool, making it challenging for non-developers to participate.

Tealswap aims to simplify this process and empower users to easily create their desired Liquidity Pools and interact with the ecosystem through user-friendly features on our website.

This way, Tealswap will be a valuable resource for our users, enabling them to actively engage with the platform and contribute to its growth.

Oasys Navi

Oasys Navi

We will connect Oasys Navi(https://oasys.gamefi.org/), which allows you to grasp the overall flow of the Oasys ecosystem, bringing Oasys ecosystem and users closer together.

Multi Farming

Multi Farming flow

To amplify the profitability of users investing in liquidity pools, we plan to introduce the Multi Farming service.

By utilizing the LP tokens received as proof of investment in liquidity pools and investing (farming) them in the Multi Farming Pool, users can increase their investment APR compared to before. This way, we aim to enhance the returns and benefits for our users’ liquidity pool investments.

Bridge Integration

Bridge with Other chains and Verses

To enhance the user experience and address the inconvenience of bringing assets to Oasys Main Hub, Tealswap is taking steps to improve the process.

We are adopting two bridges, enabling seamless asset imports from and to both external chains and internal Verse. This way, users will find it convenient to perform asset movements within Tealswap, facilitating smoother and more user-friendly experiences for everyone.

Oasys↔Other Chains Bridge

Tealswap is adopting Celer Network’s cBridge, which will facilitate the transfer of assets from external chains to Oasys Main Hub.

This feature aims to streamline the asset management experience and provide users with a more convenient and efficient way to interact with the Oasys ecosystem.

Oasys↔Verse Bridge

From Tealswap located on the Main Hub, users can utilize the Oasys↔Verse Bridge to transfer tokens seamlessly. This integration aims to provide a smooth and efficient process for users to manage their tokens across Oasys and Verse platforms.

Tealswap, evolving together with you.

Isn’t the anticipated remarkable transformation of Tealswap from the above-mentioned content exciting? Your interest in our continuous progress is of utmost importance.

We plan to provide more detailed information about each item once it is officially released, so please stay tuned and show your interest.

To receive timely updates, we encourage you to follow our Discord and Twitter channels. This way, you can stay informed and be the first to know about the latest news and developments.

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