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We’re excited to introduce Tealswap’s new Branding as it takes on a more prominent role in the Oasys Network’s DEX Protocol.

Through this rebranding,
Tealswap would like to clarify our service direction and emphasize our commitment to developing and operating user-friendly services in the future as part of this rebranding effort.

The key details of our rebranding can be found in Tealswap’s User docs.
Tealswap’s User docshttps://docs.tealswap.com/

In this post, we will share the Visual concept of new Branding and reveal the branding work we have undertaken to align with that vision.

All in one place, no need to go elsewhere

This is Tealswap’s new slogan.

It reflects Tealswap’s Ambition to Expand the Scope of User Activities Within Oasys network, Starting with DEX Services.

Visual Identity

The Design Components and Images Tealswap Has Adopted to Represent the New Branding.

Logo & Favicon

The logo and favicon are the first visual elements that the protocol communicates to the public and serve as iconic symbols.

Tealswap’s logo embodies a forward-thinking and pioneering spirit within the DEX protocol.


Types have been chosen for the protocol that adequately represent the protocol’s vision.

Pretendard is a stunning typography that fits any concept, which is why it’s a perfect pairing with Tealswap’s new brand identity, which will change dynamically. That’s why Pretendard will be Tealswap’s system font.

At first glance, Druk seems bold and experimental.
This challenging spirit of Druk is a good match for Tealswap, the hub of Oasis, which together wants to grow as a pioneer in the GameFi ecosystem.
As such, Druk will be used as Tealswap’s brand font.

A typeface based futuristic style so it creates shapes based on circles, a pure and fluid feel.

Key Visual

[Core Processor]

Tealswap plays a pivotal role on the ‘main board’ called Oasys,
collaborating with other components such as Verses and Game dapps to offer users an expanded experience.


The graphics depicted in NEON serve as a visual representation that accentuates the pioneering spirit of the service, capturing users’ attention and directing it towards the protocol.


Let’s Fly with Tealswap!

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Userdocs https://docs.tealswap.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/tealswap
Discord : https://discord.gg/wHc8MfjHsB